7 Best Free Apps To Watch La Liga Live In the USA

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La Liga is one of the top leagues in the world, with professional players and exciting gameplay. The league has millions of fans, not only from Europe but in the USA. And not having good quality streaming access can ruin a great tournament for the fans

If you’re also facing the same problem, don’t worry. This post mentions some of the best free apps to watch La Liga live in the USA. Let’s jump right in!

Free Apps To Watch La Liga Live In the USA

If you want to watch live La Liga matches in the USA, we recommend using any of the apps mentioned below. You can choose any app suitable for you.


ESPN+ is considered the best platform for streaming La Liga matches. It broadcasts these matches live in English and Spanish. ESPN+ runs through the ESPN app. This app is available for smart TVs, either android or ios

You can watch live La Liga matches on TV devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Roku, and gaming systems, including Xbox and Oculus. You can also download this device on ios devices, including smartphones, TVs, and Mac books.  

To use this app and watch live La Liga matches, you need to subscribe to their service. ESPN+ subscriptions are available at reasonable prices. 

Monthly subscription$9.99
Free trial No free trial
Pros Efficient streaming performance. Huge content of live sports
Cons DVR functionality is not available.

Sling TV

Sling TV  is one of the most suitable of the list of all free apps to watch La Liga live. Sling TV gives access to live television, demanded and famous content all over the internet. 

You can choose any channel and watch your favorite movies, dramas, live matches, and shows at home. Sling TV is suggested to USA residents because of its user-friendly features and packages. 

Sling TV offers three different packages to their customers, making it easier for you to choose one according to your family and budget. There is no contract for using this service. Therefore you can stop at any time. 

Monthly subscriptionSling orange $40Sling blue $40Sling orange and blue $55
Free trial No free trial ( half payment for the first subscription)
Pros Available at reasonable prices. Variety of packages
Cons Most channels are unavailable

Fubo TV

You can watch most of the world’s biggest soccer matches this year, including La Liga, on Fubo TV. Many countries’ central and national sports channels are available on the app, such as NFL Network, Olympic Channel, TVG, CBSSN, ESPN 1, and ESPN 2. 

Fubo TV provides more than 100 live channels, including entertainment shows and sports. Fubo TV is also available for people living in the USA. You can download the free app to watch La Liga live.

Monthly subscriptionPro $69.99Elite $79.99Ultimate $19.99
Free trial 30 days
Pros Huge sports content. Wide device supports
Cons Not cheap. No HBO options


Paramount+  is famous for streaming over 400 live channels of Italian soccer matches. However, as a USA resident, you can stream Live La Liga matches in 2023 through Paramount+.

In any of its plans, you can stream over 100 live channels, including entertainment and sports, on Paramount+. You can also use its free trial to watch your favorite soccer matches. 

Monthly subscriptionPremium plan $11.99 (without showtime)Essential plan  $5.99 (with showtime)
Free trial 7 days
Pros Gives access to nearly CBS show. The huge and original content of sports and entertainment. Cheap monthly subscriptions
Cons Buffering issues

Hulu+Live TV

On Hulu+Live TV, the best collection of live sports channels with ESPN+, an on-demand library throughout the industry, and over 85 live TV channels are available. This excellent collection has made 40 million people subscribe to their packages. 

TV channels on Hulu+Live TV cover a wide variety of content worldwide; the library consists of the most popular entertainment and sports content and older films and shows.

All in all, Hulu+Live TV is the best option for those looking for free apps to watch La Liga live. Hulu+Live TV also includes Disney+ and ESPN+. 

Monthly subscription$83
Free trial 30 days
Pros Disney+ and ESPN+On-demand library
Cons Only 2 screens at a time


DIRECTV STREAM is one of the world’s best and favorite streaming apps. There are many reasons for its popularity, but the main reason is that it covers a comprehensive content of national sports in the industry. 

DIRECTV STREAM also provides local and regional channels and has four basic plans. They work as your cable/tuner for TV channels instead of satellite and dishes. So people in the USA can download the DIRECTV STREAM app and enjoy La Liga. 

Monthly subscription$74.99
Free trial 5 days
Pros Unlimited devices at a time at home. Great collection of plans
Cons Expensive subscriptionsSome main channels are not available

Youtube TV

Youtube TV is a streaming device launched in 2019. It offers live TV shows, movies, an on-demand library, and a cloud DVR system. There is no sign-up contract; therefore, you can stop streaming anytime. 

It is the second most famous streaming app in the USA. It offers one week free trial with 85 channels. For USA residents looking for free apps to watch La Liga live, this might be the best option.

Monthly subscription$64.99
Free trial 14 days
Pros Unlimited cloud DVR3 screens at a time
Cons Small on-demand library

Final Thoughts

These are the best free apps to watch La Liga live in the USA and all around the world. Hulu+Live TV is the best overall streaming app for entertainment and sports. Fans interested in watching sports and soccer matches worldwide should subscribe to Fubo TV. USA residents who want to stream local matches can buy DIRECTV STREAM, and if a low budget is a problem, Sling TV is best for you. 

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