5 Best Cell Phone Plans with Free International Calls 2023

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Staying connected with loved ones around the world is more important than ever, but international calls can really add up.

Luckily, there are cell phone plans out there with almost free international calls! That way, you can talk to your friends and family without worrying about a big bill at the end of the month.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the best cell phone plans with free international calls, so you can find the perfect plan for you and stay connected.

A Quick Overview

Before getting straight into the cell phone plans with free international calls, let’s glance at a brief description of each plan;

Plan Best for Price Details 
Mint Mobile Value $15 View plan 
AT&TDay pass $75 View plan
VerizonWide coverage of plans $70 View plan
T-Mobile Traveling $70 View plan
Google FiPrepaid $50View plan

If you are looking for cell phone plans for seniors, check out our detailed article.

Types of International Cell Phone Plans 

You should buy the best cell phone plans with free international calls to chat with your family for the whole month at affordable prices. Here are three types that you can choose from.

Bolt-On Packs

 It only includes international calls, which are added to your current plan. You should choose this plan if you want to make international calls frequently. 

Let me give you an example; if your family member lives in another country and you want to chat with them the whole month, this plan is for you. 


This plan charges you for the texts and calls you make. Pop-as-you-go is suitable if you want to stay in touch with your family members briefly. 

For example: if you are going on vacation or traveling to another country and want to stay in touch with family, you should choose this plan. 

International day passes

It includes fixed data; you must pay for it at the end of the day. You should use this plan if you want to chat along with lots of data to use Maps and Uber. We recommend this plan as the best one for traveling. 

5 Best Cell Phone Plans With International Calls

Make sure to know your needs before finding out the best cell phone plans for free international calls or at least affordable ones. Let’s explore each plan and find detail:

Mint Mobile 

If you’re trying to save money, the Mint Mobile plan is a great option. It has affordable international calling rates that won’t break the bank. We were pretty impressed by how cheap the Minute-to-Minute rates are with Mint Mobile.

The basic plan of Mint Mobile includes calling Mexico and Canada. You can also reach from the USA to other countries in just one cent. Similarly, you can call through Mint Mobile, over 160 locations

USA, Mexico, and Canadian residents can check which countries they can call. People from other nations can also see which countries are available for them. The only problem we faced with Mint Mobile was the slower data speeds.

Check Mint Mobile’s complete plans and pricing here.

Mint Mobile International Call Rates

Here is the list of Mint Mobile’s international call rates for Canada, Mexico, and other countries. 

Plans Canada and Mexico Price Other countries price
Call price per minute 6 cents 25 cents  
Texts2 cents per outgoing text 5 cents per outgoing text 
Data per MB6 cents 20 cents 
Pros Cons 
Low Minute-by-Minute rates Slow data speeds 
Data International coverage 

So, if you are looking for the best cell phone plans with free international calls, Mint Mobile is a pretty decent option.


Now let’s talk about T-Mobile – it’s another one of our top picks for cell phone plans with international calls. Travelers especially love T-Mobile because of all its travel-friendly features. With T-Mobile, you can easily use data, chat, and text while you’re on the go.

If you’re living in Mexico or Canada, you can make international calls to your loved ones at a really low price. But if you’re living outside of those countries, you’ll have to pay 25 cents per minute during a call, which can add up pretty quickly and might be considered expensive.

Pros Cons 
Unlimited data and text Extra fees for international phone calls 
Available in more than 210 countries 

T-Mobile has made it convenient for anyone who’s always on the move. Check out the detailed T-Mobile review before making the final decision.


If you’re an AT&T customer, you’re in luck when it comes to staying connected while you’re traveling. Their unlimited and more unlimited plans give you access to talk, text, and data in Mexico and Canada.

And if you’re always on the go, you can add an International Day Pass to your existing plan for just $10 per day. This gives you unlimited texts, calls, and data, although the speed of your connection will depend on the country you’re in.

Just be aware that your downloading speed and ability to chat and text may be affected. Look at all the pros and cons here.

Pros Cons 
Strong coverage Unpredictable data service 
Reasonable prices 

At&T is also a great option if you are looking for the best cell phone plans for seniors.

Google Fi

Google Fi is less popular than other plans covered in the article. However, most travelers are fond of this plan. It has several plans, each with different costs and features. 

While traveling, your calls will cost $20 until you have wifi available. If you have wifi, your calls will be free, and you’ll have unlimited calls and texts. It also offers a wide range of cell phones. 

Let’s look over the pros and cons of Google Fi:

Pros Cons 
More than 170 locations. We found it challenging to sign up. 
No long-term contract 
Monthly Payment 


Verizon is a top contender for the best cell phone plans with free international calls. They’ve got several plans to choose from, but the TravelPass plan is a must-have for travelers. For only $5 per day per line, you get unlimited calls, texts, and data – talk about a great deal!

This plan works in over 130 countries, with the exception of Mexico and Canada. But if you’re a big data user, you should be aware that 4G speeds are only available until you reach 512 MBs of usage. After that, your speed may slow down a bit.

But overall, the TravelPass plan is definitely worth considering if you’re a frequent traveler looking to stay connected while on the go.

Pros Cons 
You can easily add it on short trips. The $5-10 a day is relatively expensive. 
The unlimited plan is also open at a reasonable price. 
You can use your existing one without extra cost. 

Wrap Up

Hopefully, you’ve found the best cell phone plans with free international calls! Now you can travel to your favorite destinations without having to worry about staying in touch with your loved ones.

Just keep in mind that each plan has its own unique benefits and drawbacks, so it’s important to weigh your options carefully before making a decision. But with so many great plans to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs perfectly.


Do I need an international phone plan for Mexico?

Most plans for international calls include Mexico and Canada in their basic plans. But still, you have to check your preferred areas before buying a plan.

What are the alternatives for International calling?

Some text apps are available to make your trip much easier and cheaper. You can easily talk with your family through the apps, which are listed: WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and FaceTime.

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