Free Cell Phone Plans For Seniors: 8 Best Cell Phone Plans

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Most of you own a cell phone; however, services for these devices are pretty expensive, including high-speed data, hotspots, streaming, etc.

So, if you’re 50 or older and looking for a free cell phone plan for seniors, we are here to help you. There are a lot of plans for seniors available in the market. Hence, it is difficult to decide which cell phone plan is suitable for you.

This post will cover all the best cell phone plans for seniors, free or available at reasonable prices. After reading its features, pros, and cons, you can choose any best-fit plan offering affordable adult services.

Types Of Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Before selecting suitable and free cell phone plans for seniors, it is necessary to understand the types. Below is a list of some common types of plans available in the market;

Unlimited Phone plans for seniors

The unlimited plan gives access to unlimited calls, text, and data, so there is no need to worry about the limit of your plan and extra charges. This plan is an excellent option for those adults who want unlimited calls and streaming. 

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

A prepaid cell phone plan is ideal for those who want high quality with extensive content coverage at low prices. This plan allows using to pay for only what you need each month. Therefore there will be no risk of having surprises in the bill at the end of the month. 

Talk and Text Phone Plans for Seniors

The talk and text plan is for those who only want to enjoy calls and texts the whole day. For people who do not have smartphones and are not interested in streaming, downloading, and using data, the Talk and Text plan is for them.

No Contract Phone Plans For Seniors

These plans only commit short terms; instead, you can cancel your plans anytime if unsatisfied. You can change your plans and use reasonable and flexible offers anytime. 

How to Find the Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors?

You have to consider many essential factors for finding the best cell phone plans for seniors. If you are looking for the best senior plan, ask yourself the following questions;

  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to chat with your family and friends for hours and hours? 
  • Do you have a smartphone?
  • Do you want to enjoy live streaming and playing games?
  • Do you like video chatting with family living abroad?

According to your answers, you can easily select a cell phone plan as the best one.

8 Best Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

There are a lot of cell phone plans for seniors, available for free or at reasonable prices. We have mentioned the five best cell phone plans, each with its complete description and pros and cons. It will help you to solve all your problems regarding cell phone plans. 

1. Consumer Cellular Plans for Seniors

Consumer Cellular plans offer 55+ relatively affordable, flexible channels. There is no contract between customers and the company; therefore, you can change your plans or cancel them whenever you want without any extra charges. 

Consumer service lets you buy the latest Apple, Samsung, and Motorola models. There is a vast range of phones available on Consumer Cellular, and you can also use the Phone you already have by purchasing a free Consumer Cellular SIM card. 

You can choose any plan of Consumer Cellular depending on your need for minutes, calls, and texts. It has three basic plans;

Plans Cost 
Only talk plan$15
Unlimited talk and text $20
Unlimited talk, text, and data.$30

Following is the list of pros and cons of consumer service plans for seniors;

Pros Cons
Affordable plans You have to pay for international calls.
No long-term contract. Unlimited data is available for one line. 
USA-based customer service 
Discounts for AARP members

2. AT&T Plans For Seniors

If you’re looking for reliable network coverage and quality customer service, AT&T is for you. It offers unlimited texts, data, and calls and is one of seniors’ best cell phone plans. It provides 5G service at the most affordable rates. 

However, this offer is available for Florida residents only; it costs $40 for two lines; if you’re buying only one line, you must pay $60 monthly. 

Let’s review this plan’s pros and cons

Pros Cons 
Over 55 plans are available. The offer is available only for Florida residents. 
5G service available 
Special discounts for low-income individuals 
Discount for AARP members 

For more detailed information on plans and features, read the in-depth AT&T review.

3. Raz Memory Cell Phone Plans

Raz Memory Cell Phone Plans

Raz Memory is one of the best available cell phone plans for seniors, with exciting features. It has two phones, MiniVision2, and Memory Phone, each costing $309. 

I like the braille features of the Raz Memory plan, which enables blind people to use their cell phones. This Phone has a 911 option for emergency calls. Additionally, the photos of each contact are also shown with numbers so you can easily place calls. 

Pros Cons 
Large buttons with classic designHigh cost 
Designed for users with Alzheimer’s or dementiaNo text, calls, or data. 
Large screen
Dedicated 911 for emergency calls 

4. T-Mobile Plans for Seniors

The T-Mobile plan offers low prices for unlimited calls, text, and data. Its plans start from $27.50, allowing you to use your cell phones best without any long-term contract.  

T-mobile covers many networks and devices, available for the most recent Apple and Samsung devices. This plan also provides a free SIM card which you can use on your purchased devices.

It offers ultra-high 5G data, often unavailable in many devices. T-Mobile has over 55 plans, which we highly suggest to users who use data heavily. The most fantastic feature we liked is the Netflix subscription in Magenta and Magenta Max plans.

Pros Cons 
You can use T-Mobile plans abroad.Only two lines are available on the cheapest plans
Unlimited data, texts, and calls. No talk-only plans
Efficient customer service
No annual contracts

Want to learn more about T Mobile’s plans and features? Read the complete T Mobile review.

5. Lively Cell Phone Plan for Seniors

Lively provides the best senior cell phone plans at affordable prices. Its user-friendly properties and medical alert feature make it one of my favorite plans. 

Lively also has two phones, the Jitterbug Flip and the Jitterbug Smart Flip is a simple type of Phone. In contrast, the Jitterbug smartphone is specially designed smartly to access the internet and all other functions. 

The Lively cell phone plans for seniors are available for $15, which includes limited texts and calls; however, the unlimited texts and plans are available for $20. 

Lively has no long-term contracts. Therefore, there is no need to worry about the change in plans. Here are the pros and cons of Lively cell phone packages;

Pros Cons 
Low priced phones Only two phone options 
Affordable plans 
No long-term contract 
Medical alert feature 

6. Freedom Pop Plans For Seniors

Freedom Pop Plans For Seniors

This plan is based on Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) technology, which also makes Skype calls. Among all the fantastic features, we liked the availability of the free plan Free for wifi calling, ten text messages, and 25 MB of data.

There is also a paid monthly plan, costing $15. This plan includes 250 minutes, unlimited messages, and 1 GB of data. People who don’t want their phones regularly should not buy this plan. 

Pros Cons 
The free plan is available 5G plan not open 
No long-term contracts Unlimited data plans not available 
Optional international coverage Limited device options 
Unlimited wifi coverage 

7. Verizon Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

Verizon covers many intelligent devices, including smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and wearable tech. It offers unlimited data and texts on a single machine, along with international call plans. 

This plan is highly preferred by people ages 55 or above and their families. You can buy all its services for two lines for $40, and one tube costs $60. Through Verizon, you can get various cell phone plans, data plans, and many other opportunities under a single roof. 

Still, they offer expensive plans; hence if budget is the problem, you can select any other projects from this list. 

Pros Cons 
A variety of intelligent devices are available Some customers reported hidden charges. 
International coverage is availableMultiple lines are required for better performance.
Efficient customer service 
Hotspot usage available 

If you are interested to get this service, do check out the complete review on Verizon before making the final decision.

8. Snapfon Cell Phone Plans For Seniors

If you only need a simple cell phone with basic and affordable plans, Snapfon is at your service. Our favorite features of Snapfon include sosPlus professional monitoring. This service includes professional agents that help you in an emergency.

They offer two plans, Snapfon ez4G and ezFlip, and the plan costs $10 and provides 100 talk minutes.

Pros Cons 
5G coverage No unlimited data 
Affordable plans 
No long-term contracts 

Bottom Line

We mentioned the top 8 free cell phone plans for seniors, and all of them have their features and drawbacks that will help you decide which plan to choose to your requirements. 


Which is the best cell phone plan for seniors?

For seniors, who want the most efficient and affordable cell phone plans, we recommend T-mobile and Lively as the best ones. 

Does AT&T have a cell phone plan for seniors?

Yes, AT&T offers more than 55 plans for seniors. However, these plans are available for Florida residents only.

What should I consider before choosing the best cell phone?

Reliable performance, fair prices, ease of use, and compatibility with medical devices are essential factors you should consider before purchasing a cell phone. 

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