RebatesMe Promotion: Exclusive $31 Sign up Bonus & $31 Referral Bonus

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Gone are the days when cash back rewards were limited to credit cards. After introducing RebatesMe promotional offers, shoppers can now enjoy a big chunk of cash back for their online purchases. With RebatesMe, one can receive a $31 bonus on signing up along with the cashback on online shopping. Here are the exclusive referral bonuses for you.

About RebatesMe


RebtaesMe is one of the best shopping portals across the USA. To provide great cashback offers and deals, RebatesMe has collaborated with more than 4,000 retailers nationwide. It offers attractive deals, discounts and cashback. Some of the famous retailers partnered with RebatesMe include Foot Locker, Godiva, iHerb, Macy’s, Philosophy, Sephora, etc.

So, wherever you go shopping for the next time at your preferred retailers, you can save big with the RebatesMe promotion.

To date, around 350,000 clients have earned an astounding cashback incentive of $30,000,000.

Data might stun you, but yes users made sizable savings with the RebatesMe shopping portal together with several perks.

How Does RebatesMe Work?

You might be thinking, how RebatesMe can provide such huge cashback on online shopping, it is just because the merchant gives RebatesMe money in the form of cashback whenever you purchase a product using it. It provides users with the option to earn cash back from around 4,000+ retailers with exclusive cashback deals. So, whenever you shop from one of those retailers, you can earn cashback on your purchase.

RebatesMe Promotions

RebatesMe Sign Up Bonus

Sign up today and get your $31 incentive deposited into your new account. To get eligible for the $31 sign-up incentive, you need to make purchases with cash back rewards of more than $10 within 365 days of joining.

For a smooth payment, you can request your payout via PayPal or Credit Card (Visa/Mastercard) after your available cashback balance reaches a minimum of $10, as I discussed above. But always remember one thing: your $31 Sign Up Bonus will not be available until you earn at least $10 in cash back from the shopping transaction. As and when you earn the $10 cashback, you will be eligible to withdraw the total of $41 (the $31 bonus plus the $10+ in cash back earned).

How Can I Get a $31 Bonus from RebatesMe?

Step 1:  Register for a free account using this RebatesMe $31 Referral Link.

Step 2:  After registration, Your account will be promptly rewarded with the $31 incentive.

Step 3: Make an online purchase within 365 days of your RebatesMe joining date to earn $10 or more in cash back rebates.

Step 4: Whenever you earn $10 cashback from online shopping using RebatesMe, you can request a payment of your $31 sign-up bonus using PayPal or a credit card.

How Can I Earn a $31 RebatesMe Referral Bonus?

RebatesMe Referral bonus
RebatesMe Referral bonus

Step 1: Log into your RebatesMe account and go to the “Invite Friends” section to access your referral link and additional sharing options.

Step 2: Let your friends know about your RebatesMe referral link.

Step 3: When your friend or your family member registers on RebatesMe using your link, you will get your $31 referral bonus in your RebatesMe account.

  • When your friend or family member registers or signs up on RebatesMe, they will receive a $31 welcome bonus.
  • Until your referral earns at least $10 in cash back within 365 days of opening an account, your $31 referral incentive will remain pending.
  • The number of persons you may recommend to RebatesMe is unrestricted. So you can earn as much profit as you can.

RebatesMe Features

As I have already mentioned, RebatesMe offers a “savior” shopping experience at more than 4,000 stores. Besides, there are some features of the RebatesMe portal that you should not miss. These features include the following eye-grabbing RebatesMe deals.

RebatesMe Store offer
RebatesMe Store offer

You can earn:

  • Up to 10% cash back at Foot Locker
  • 10% cash back at Macy’s
  • Up to 15% cash back at iHerb
  • 8% cash back at Sephora
  • 10% cash back at Philosophy
  • 10% cash back at Godiva

Final Thoughts

Everyone wants to get attractive offers or good discounts during shopping so that they enjoy shopping. So if you are also thinking the same, then register yourself on RebatesMe today and get $ 30 cashback instantly, together with the attractive cashback offers on shopping at 4000+ retailers.

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