ESPN Plus Free Trial 2024: Does ESPN Plus Have a Free Trial?

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ESPN Plus is one of the most popular platforms for all sports fans, as it is the official broadcaster of many famous sports leagues, including the Indian Premier League in 2024. It provides many outstanding features and plans at low rates compared to other platforms.

Right now, there is no ESPN Plus free trial option available. But you can get all the live-streaming content for just $12.99/mo. You can also save money by getting ESPN Plus bundles, Verizon Disney bundles, or ESPN Plus yearly subscription.

This post will discuss the best ways to purchase ESPN Plus at the cheapest prices. Read the detailed ESPN Plus review to learn about the platform’s pros, cons, and other necessary factors before buying it. 

Is there an ESPN Plus Free Trial?

In the past, ESPN Plus has provided a 7-day free trial for new customers to determine which services it offers. Now, there is no ESPN Plus free trial in 2024. However, you can still enjoy its services at chapter prices with the option to cancel your subscription anytime if unsatisfied. 

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How to Get ESPN Plus At Cheap Rates?

Although you cannot get ESPN Plus free trial, there are a few hacks to get their services at a minimum price. Here’s how you can save money with ESPN Plus. 

ESPN Plus Bundles

ESPN Plus offers three bundles, each with unique features and costs. You can easily buy these bundles through its official site with amazing discounts. 

ESPN Plus bundles
  • The first one offers Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN Plus with ads for $12.99/mo. Buying all these platforms separately will pay you much more than purchasing in a bundle. 
  • Next, we have Disney+, Hulu (no ads), and ESPN Plus bundle, available for $19.99/mo. This bundle lets you enjoy an on-demand library and thousands of hours of movies and shows. 
  • If you already have Hulu, but you want to enjoy Hulu with ESPN Plus, you can easily do that through the Hulu app. 

Verizon Users

ESPN Plus with Verizon

The customers of Verizon can easily enjoy Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN Plus through the Verizon Disney Bundle. This bundle is valid for people with a “Get More Unlimited” or “Play More Unlimited” plan. Verizon is considered a good alternative for ESPN Plus free trial. 

ESPN Plus Annual Subscription

We prefer that ESPN Plus customers purchase the annual subscription if they stream sports content for the whole year. It will save you $20 if compared with the monthly subscription. 

ESPN Plus Plans and Pricing

Before purchasing the ESPN Plus app, ensuring it suits your budget is important. However, users find ESPN Plus a budget-friendly platform with many outstanding features. 

It offers two basic plans, available at reasonable rates compared to other services in the market. ESPN Plus is also among the best apps for watching IPL in the USA

ESPN Plus Monthly Plan$9.99 
ESPN Plus Yearly Plan $109.99 
ESPN Plus Plans and Pricing

We prefer to purchase the yearly package if you’re a regular sports fan. But if you want to just give it a try, you can buy the monthly subscription.

You can also get ESPN Plus in cheap ways with these deals:

The Disney Bundle w Hulu Ad-Supported$12.99/mo
The Disney Bundle w Hulu No-Ads$19.99/mo
Verizon Disney Bundle$14.99/mo
cheapest ways to get ESPN Plus

How To Sign up for ESPN Plus?

You must first register on this site to activate your ESPN Plus subscription. After completing the signup process, you can enjoy your favorite live sports in the comfort of your home. 

How to sign up for ESPN Plus

Here is how you can sign up for ESPN Plus;

  1. Open the official website of ESPN Plus through any device and browser. 
  2. Click the “subscribe to ESPN Plus” button and then “sign in.” 
  3. Now, you’ll be asked for your details, including E-mail, password, and first and last name, and click “sign up.” 
  4.  Read the agreement, then select “agree and subscribe.” 

If you are not sure which streaming service is best for you, explore other ESPN Plus alternatives such as Sling TV to see which one will best suit your needs.

Final Cut

After reading this post, we hope all of your confusion has been solved, and now you can make a better decision about which deal to get. There is no ESPN Plus free trial, but you can get their service at the cheapest price of $9.99/mo.

And if you only want to try a free live-streaming service, you can check out our guide on FuboTV free trial to stay on a budget.

FAQs for ESPN Plus

Which deal of ESPN Plus is the best one?

ESPN Plus offers many deals with different features and prices. Among them, we consider the Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN Plus bundles as the best ones. 

Is there a ESPN Plus free trial?

ESPN+ does not provide a free trial. However, you can still explore the service by subscribing for a monthly rate of $10.99 or opt for the ESPN+ Annual Plan at $109.99 per year, which saves you over 15%

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