YuppTV Review: An Honest Guide 2023

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If you’re a sports fan and your family wants to enjoy entertainment and lifestyle-related content, YuppTV is at your service. It is one of India’s favorite streaming apps and has earned a good name all over the world. 

It needs to be more transparent and easier to select any one app as the best streaming app for watching IPL live and buy its subscription to enjoy your favorite shows and matches. 

Not sure if YuppTV is best for you? We’re here to help you. Here is a detailed YuppTV review, which mentions everything you should consider before buying its subscription. 

A Quick YuppTV Review

Here are some key points to read before getting deep into the YuppTV review;

  • The YuppTV app is only suitable for those who want to stream Indian channels
  • Its customer service could be more efficient and cooperative. 
  • Its subscriptions are available at reasonable prices with 14 days free trial
  • You can cancel the subscription anytime you want.  

What is YuppTV?

YuppTV is one of the best streaming apps, known for broadcasting South Asian Content worldwide. It offers many exciting features and a bulk of the content, including live television, sports, on-demand service, etc. 

It was first launched in 2006, and now it has become an “over the top” content provider and provides its services all over Asia and in the USA. YuppTV is ranked the best app for streaming Asian (especially Indian) content and sports by people living in the USA.

YuppTV app has 13 million mobile downloads, offering 250+ channels and 2500 hours of on-demand content daily in 14 languages. 

Pros and Cons

Following is the list of some pros and cons based on our personal experiences of YuppTV review;

Pros Cons 
Recording facilityAnnoying ads
Access to a massive amount of Indian contentNot suitable for sports fans
14 days free trialNo refund after canceling a monthly subscription
Decent library and on-demand contentNo NBA and La Liga 

You can watch live La Liga matches from the best app to watch La Liga live. 

How Does YuppTV Work?

You can enjoy all the fantastic features of YuppTV mentioned in this article simply by downloading the app. You have to complete the registration process through a mobile number, and then you’ll reach the home page. 

Here you can discover the content of your choice, either live or recorded. YuppTV is not only the best platform for streaming but content providers and broadcasters also prefer it. 

YuppTV enables its workers to reach the audience, and the audience can easily view the content on different channels. It gives access to 6 simultaneous screens connected with various devices.  

Plans and Pricing

YuppTV offers vast content, including a library of 25000+ hours of entertainment content, 5000+ movies, and on-demand content in 14 languages. You can get YuppTV live sports after buying its subscription. 

Three packages are available on YuppTV; you can choose any package according to your requirements. 

Plans Pricing Simultaneous screensFree trialDetails
Monthly $9.996 screens14 daysView plans
Half-yearly$54.996 screens14 daysView plans
Yearly$99.996 screens14 daysView plans

If you want to access sports-related content and entertainment for your family, we prefer a yearly package as it will save you $20. 


YuppTV offers its services not only in Asian countries but also in European countries, the UK, Canada, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, and the USA. You can easily subscribe to YuppTV from its official app through a debit card. 

The feature which I liked the most is you can view all your transaction history in the account section. You can also cancel the subscription anytime if you’re unsatisfied. 

For cancellation, you have to contact customer service; after the call, the company will terminate your subscription, but there are no refunds for monthly subscribers. Those who bought a yearly subscription will get their money back except for the month they canceled it. 


As we mentioned, YuppTV has over 250 channels, 5000 movies, 100 TV shows, 25000 hours of content in the library, and 2500 hours of on-demand content. 

Before buying the subscription, you must know which channels YuppTV offers. So you will only accept a subscription if it shows your favorite channels. Following is the list of some favorite channels which YuppTV is offering. 

Republic TVGemini TV
Star PlusMaa TV
Star VijaySun TV
Asianet Star Jalsha
Aajtak TVRepublic Bharat
Zee TVCVR News

We have mentioned only the popular channels; you can view the complete list of tracks from the official website


YuppTV has many movies, TV shows, music, sports, and religious content. You can stream all of them live by searching them through the search bar. 

Popular Shows

YuppTV offers on-demand content, which includes all the popular shows. You can stream them through the app; the following is the list of some popular shows available on this app. 

Shark Tank India Season 2Suma Adda on ETV Telugu
BB Jodi on Star MaaCook with Comali Season 4 
Kidillam on Mazhavil ManoramaSuper Jodi on Zee TV 
Dancing Star S1 on Asianet

Popular Movies

Here is the list of popular movies which you can stream on it;

Master TamilVendhu Thanindhathu Kaadu
Meet Cute Tandam Tamil
Sardar Roy 

Regional Channels

It is also famous for streaming Regional content, and we also liked this feature. Following are some favorite regional channels available on YuppTV;

Telugu TVTamil TV
Hindi TVKannada TV
Punjabi TVMalayalam TV

If you want to purchase the subscription, including sports content, you can watch FuboTV review. 

6 YuppTV Features

Here is a list of features that will help you better decide if YuppTV is worth it. 

  1. Indian Content: The main reason for the popularity of this app is its broadcasting of Indian channels; people worldwide are interested in Indian content. Therefore, they prefer YuppTV for streaming it. 
  2. Web Interface: The interface of the app is cluttered and difficult to use. However, regular users of this app can easily understand its home-page options and watch their favorite content on it. The interface needs to be redesigned. 
  3. Ads: Having an ad after every 30 minutes is annoying, and you can’t skip it. YuppTV should also work on this problem. 
  4. Recording facility: Most streaming app users are looking for a recording facility to easily stream their favorite show, which was missed while they were busy. Yupp has all the recorded videos which were broadcasted live. 
  5. Easy to set up: It is easy to set up with all android and ios devices, including Apple and Android phones and tablets, PCs, and laptops. 
  6. Sound quality: You can easily stream the channels available on it with high sound quality. The packages are relatively inexpensive if compared with other streaming services. 

Free Trial

The best feature of YuppTV is that it provides its users with 14 days of a free trial, whereas most streaming apps do not have free problems. This free trial is the best way to determine whether you should buy YuppTV. 

Once the free trial has ended, you must purchase the subscription, which is available at reasonable prices. After using the free trial, the exciting features made me buy its subscription to make a YuppTV review. 

Compatible Devices

YuppTV is a renowned internet-based and on-demand content provider worldwide. It can easily be downloaded on many different devices. You can download the YuppTV app on the following devices.

  • Android phones and tablets
  • LGTV
  • Samsung TV
  • Roku
  • Amazon FireTV
  • iPhones and pads
  • Roku
  • Sony
  • TCL
  • PCs

Is YuppTV Worth It?

For sports fans who want to enjoy streaming with the best features, without ads, and with the best interface, this app is not for you. 

It is mainly designed for streaming Indian content. Therefore, people who want entertainment, news, lifestyle, and sports-related content should not subscribe to YuppTV. Only some of the channels available on YuppTV are interesting. 

Out of 100 channels, I only stream 10; the rest are boring. After canceling the subscription, you’ll also not get any refund.

So, in my honest YuppTV review, I would say if you’re looking for a streaming service that mainly broadcasts sports content,  you can read Fubo TV reviews.  

Final Verdict

if you want to stream Indian channels, this app is worth it. However,  we prefer you refrain from buying YuppTV subscriptions if you want to stream sports-related content, including IPL, NBA, and La Liga

Hopefully, this detailed YuppTV review has helped you decide whether the app suits you.

FAQs for YuppTV

How much does YuppTV cost?

YuppTV has three affordable packages, yearly, monthly, and half-yearly. The monthly plan costs $10, half yearly for $55, and you can buy an annual subscription for $100. We prefer to purchase yearly subscriptions for Indian channel fans, as it will save you $20.

Is there any free trial on YuppTV?

Yes, there is a free trial on YuppTV. You can enjoy free YuppTV for 14 days as part of their free trial; once it ends, you must pay for its subscription.

Can I cancel YuppTV anytime?

You can cancel your YuppTV subscription anytime if you’re not satisfied. You must apply for termination through live chat or by making a call. 

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