JioTV Review: A Detailed Guide to Know If It is Worth it For You

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If are looking for an efficient streaming app to watch all your favorite sports, shows, and movies, the JioTV app might be a good fit for clarifying your needs.

Jio TV is very popular among all these streaming services due to its excellent features and many channels and sports content, including cricket and basketball. 

In this in-depth JioTV review, you will learn about the app to decide if it suits you. And those of you who are football fans, don’t forget to read the best apps to watch La Liga live.

What To Know About JioTV?

JioTV serves as the best streaming app all over the world. It was first launched in 2016 by LYF Digital Convergence Limited. It offers more than 950 channels available in different languages. 

jiotv app

JioTV is a Live TV streaming app that provides many live shows and on-demand content. The Web version of JioTV was also launched in 2017, but it was closed only after two days because of some technical problems. 

JioTV has become popular in India and famous in the USA for its live TV channels and sports coverage. It is also considered one of the best apps to watch IPL live.

A Quick Review 

Before reading the detailed JioTV review, let’s glance at its brief description.

  • JioTV is an Indian-based company and one of India’s favorite streaming services. 
  • All the services available on JioTV are free. 
  • It has a considerable amount of apps, and each is unique and used for a different purpose. 
  • Its plans are available cheaply and work much more efficiently than other apps. 

Advantages and Drawbacks

According to JioTV reviews, users are delighted with its services, but not all customers are happy. Therefore, knowing its pros and cons is necessary before deciding whether to buy it. 

Considered the best app to watch free IPL matches.  While streaming my favorite matches, I often face buffering issues with my Jio TV app.
On-demand content and many channelsWorst software design
Functional app menuLots of ads
Affordable plans

How Does JioTV Work?

what to know about JioTV

JioTV is famous for streaming live sports channels for free and provides its customers with some excellent features. This app works with any browser, or you can download the app from the Apple store or Google Play Store. 

JioTV gives its customers all famous and on-demand content without paying a single penny. You can also pause or play the live video and stream the shows broadcasted over the last seven days. 

With JioTV, you can watch live matches, including IPL, WWE, English Premier League, etc. The JioTV app is available for all Android and ios devices. 

Jio Fiber

Next on the JioTV review, let’s discuss Jio Fiber. It is India’s first platform that broadcasts movies, shows, videos, live sports, and many more from all favorite apps such as Hulu, Disnep+, Hotstar, Sun TXT, etc. 

Jio Fiber offers ultra-high speed internet up to 1Gbps and provides videos from JioTV and other “over the top” streaming services. It is free for Jio Reliance Customers. It also gives access to HD landline calling and TV-to-TV video calling. 

How To Get a Jio Fiber Connection?

You can make your life much easier with high internet and other features in the comfort of your home available at Jio fiber. You can register yourself for a new Jio Fiber connection by following the steps mentioned below;

  1. You have to request OTP, by entering your name and mobile number. 
  2. Submit the OTP on your device and click verification. 
  3. Enter the address where you want the new Jio fiber connection. 
  4. Press “submit” after completing the form and enjoy a new broadband connection. 

Plans and Pricing

Pricing is an important factor to consider in the JioTV review. The app offers a vast number of channels and content for free. However, Jio Fiber provides extra features than JioTV, including streaming, playing games, and working.

 This service is based on Fiber technology, allowing users to download videos more efficiently in milliseconds. Following is the list of monthly plans for Jio Fiber and its prices. 

Plans Price per month  Speed
150 Mbps$12.23150 Mbps (150 Mbps Upload & 150 Mbps Download)
100 Mbps$8.55100 Mbps (100 Mbps Upload & 100 Mbps Download)
30 Mbps$4.8830 Mbps (30 Mbps Upload & 30 Mbps Download)
300 Mbps$18.35300 Mbps (300 Mbps Upload & 300 Mbps Download)
500 Mbps$30.59500 Mbps (500 Mbps Upload & 500 Mbps Download)
1 Gbps48.961 Gbps (1 Gbps Upload & 1 Gbps Download)
1 Gbps$104.961 Gbps (1 Gbps Upload & 1 Gbps Download)

Jio Fiber OTT Subscription

After purchasing Jio Fiber, you can also buy its OTT subscription as an add-on to Jio Fiber. This offer includes all the content on Netflix, including Hollywood, Bollywood, Indian regional, and entertainment channels.

You can easily subscribe to OTT through the JioTV app and enjoy all your favorite content anytime and everywhere. You can also activate Jio fiber OTT from its official site after registering your Jio fiber number.

JioTV Apps

We know that JioTV is an Indian-based company that provides services worldwide. It is a platform consisting of many apps, and each has its specific features and content. 

The subscriptions to JioTV do not cost too much; therefore, you can easily enjoy all services of JioTV in the comfort of your home. Following is the list of apps that are available on JioTV;

JioTV channels
  • JioSaavn
  • MyJio
  • JioTV
  • JioCinema
  • Jio Mart
  • JioPOSLite
  • JioHealthHub
  • JioMeet
  • JioNews
  • JioChat
  • JioCall
  • Jio Cloud
  • Jio Security
  • Jio Pages
  • JioHome

Learn the complete and detailed description of each JioTV app. 

Jio Welcome Offer

Here’s my favorite part of the JioTV review. It is India’s favorite and top-rated streaming service. However, people from other countries, especially USA, are also crazy fans of its services. One of its services includes a Welcome offer. 

This offer is available for all Jio customers, and the users of other apps can also avail of this offer. Through this offer, you will receive an additional 5G data and the recommendations you have already subscribed to. 

This welcome offer will work until you have an active base plan. It will not consume your precious time for activation. If you are considered eligible for this offer, you can activate it immediately through the recharge of $0.84. 

JioTV Compatible Devices

JioTV is available for all android and ios devices. You can download and install this app on;

  • Android phones and tablets
  • Smart TVs
  • iPhones and pads,
  • Samsung TV.

You can download this app on any smart device, either apple or ios. However, the android model should be 4.0 or above, and ios should be 7.0 or above. To use the JioTV app, you must have a Jio sim, and your number should be registered on JioTV. 

Is JioTV Worth It?

If you want to enjoy your favorite content without any charger, you must use JioTV. Its plans are available at reasonable prices compared to other streaming services, and the internet speed is also very high.

So if you want all the above services, JioTV is best for you. However, if you want to enjoy more efficient and extra features, massive channels, and a variety of content, you can read the Fubo TV review. 

 Wrap up

Now you have learned everything about the app in this JioTV review. The customers can enjoy free live cricket and basketball matches this year. USA residents can stream NBA matches through free apps to watch NBA live this year
Hopefully, you found our JioTV review helpful, and now you can easily decide whether you should use JioTV. Learn about other streaming apps, including Yupp TV review and ESPN+ review.

FAQs for JioTV

What is Jio’s 5G Wifi Service?

JioTV will start a 5G wifi service in all national and international areas; this service has been created in some regions of India. Jio TV has reported that they will launch ultra-high 5G wifi in high-footfall areas, including educational institutes, religious places, railway stations, etc. 

Is JioTV completely free?

Yes, all the services of JioTV are free. You can enjoy all your favorite content with high quality and data-saving mode anytime without any charges. 

Can I use Jio internationally?

You can enjoy your JioTV outside India. International Roaming (IR) allows you to use JioTV while traveling outside India, and you can use Jio sim with up to 100+ countries.

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