Mint Mobile Referral Program: Earn $90 Referral Bonus 2023

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In today’s ever-connected world, mobile service has become an essential part of our lives. However, with the rising costs of phone plans, finding an affordable option can be a bit tricky.

That’s where Mint Mobile comes in. Mint Mobile has gained popularity for its budget-friendly plans and exceptional coverage. But what if we told you that Mint Mobile has an even better offer?

Mint Mobile referral program allows you to earn a $90 referral bonus if your friend joins Mint Mobile through your referral link. By sharing the link, you’ll earn some extra cash, and your friend also gets a $15 discount. 

In this article, we’ll explore how you can enjoy Mint Mobile for free. Let’s jump right in!

About Mint Mobile 

Mint Mobile is one of the best cell phone plans for seniors. It is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO). And provides wireless phone services in the United States.

Mint Mobile offers excellent discounts for new customers. There is also a variety of plans available. These plans suit different data usage needs, ranging from 4G LTE to unlimited data options.

You can enjoy many outstanding features on Mint Mobile. From extensive nationwide coverage to contract-free plans, Mint Mobile has something for everyone. 

Mint Mobile Referral Program 2023

Mint Mobile Referral Program Page

Mint Mobile referral program is a great way to save on your mobile expenses. With just a few simple steps, you can start enjoying the rewards. After you signup on Mint Mobile, you’ll get a referral link. Share the link with your friends and family. Once they join Mint Mobile using your referral link, you’ll receive credits within 15 days. 

Remember to read our Mint Mobile review to determine if it is the right fit for your needs.

How Does Mint Mobile Referral Program Work?

The rewards for the referral program depend on which plan your friend activates. If your friend purchases the 5GB/mon plan, you’ll receive a $45 credit. And if your referral buys an unlimited plan, you’ll get $90. 

The following table shows the credit amounts you can earn based on the plan your referrals activate.

PlanCredit Amount
PlanCredit Amount
5GB plan$45
15GB plan$60
20GB plan$75
Unlimited Plan$90

The Mint Mobile referral program is not a limited-time offer. Instead you can benefit from this offer whenever you want. You might be wondering; How do I participate in the Mint Mobile referral program?

Firstly you need to signup on Mint Mobile. Once you become a Mint Mobile customer, you can access your referral link. You can share this link with family, friends, or others interested in joining Mint Mobile. 

The referral link can be shared through any social media platform. While your friends sign up, they’ll be asked to enter your Mint Mobile referral code. Once the registration process of your friend is over, both of you will be rewarded. 

Mint Mobile Referral Program's Working on Website

How To Claim Mint Mobile Referral Bonus?

You may want to know how to claim your referral bonus. To claim your Mint Mobile referral bonus:

  1. Login to your Mint Mobile account.
  2. Go to the referral section.

You’ll receive the referral bonus if your friend has activated Mint service by your referral link. 

The referral bonus you earn will be in the form of a Mint Mobile renewal credit. The credit will be automatically applied when you renew your Mint Mobile plan. It reduces the total cost of your plan.  

Mint Mobile Referral Program: Terms and Conditions

Here are some key points to consider before participating in Mint Mobile’s referral program:

  • The “Refer a Friend” program is subject to Mint Mobile’s terms and conditions. 
  • Only active and eligible Mint customers can participate in the referral program. 
  • The amount you earn is based on the plan your referred friend activates.
  • Your friends also receive $15 when they signup for Mint Mobile. 
  • You’ll receive the credits within 15 days after your friend joins Mint Mobile. 

More Mint Mobile Promotions

Do you want to save more on your Mint Mobile plans? We’re here with the best Mint Mobile promotions in 2023. So let’s glance at the latest Mint offers to make your experience even more affordable. 

Promotions What do you get?Go to the Mint Mobile site
Unlimited for $15Purchase any of Mint Mobile’s 3-month plan for $15/mon. View offer
Mint Mobile’s phone deal Purchase a new phone along with a 6-month plan. And enjoy Mint Mobile free for six months. View offer
Mint Mobile free trial Get 250MB, 250 Texts, and 250 Mins, free for 7 days. View offer
Mint Mobile family planPurchase 2 or more lines, and get each line for $15View offer

Combining The Mint Mobile Cashback And Referral Program  

You’ll be happy to hear that Mint Mobile offers a cashback program occasionally. And by combining the rewards of referral programs and cashback programs, you can save a lot. 

Therefore, it is essential to watch for the seasonal offers and discounts Mint Mobile provides. If the cashback offer is available on Mint Mobile, we recommend combining it with referral credits. 

Mint Mobile: User Reviews And Experiences 

Mint Mobile Reviews

Most of Mint Mobile’s users shared positive reviews about the service. They found the service and features beginner friendly. The discounted international calls, compatibility with most devices, seasonal promotions, and excellent call quality make Mint Mobile a favorite cell phone service worldwide. 

Users reported that if you plan to switch to Mint Mobile, it’s better to wait for a seasonal promotion as Mint Mobile offers exclusive deals for new customers from time to time. 

The prices are also reasonable compared to others in the market. You can save more by purchasing long-term subscriptions. There is also the flexibility of using your existing phone or purchasing a new one from Mint Mobile. Mint Mobile is among the best cell phone plans with free international calls. 

Bottom Line

In short, Mint Mobile offers affordable plans and exciting features. It provides special deals and discounts like the aforementioned Mint Mobile referral program. By referring your friends, you can enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts while helping them save too.


Can I refer someone outside of the United States to Mint Mobile?

No, the Mint Mobile referral program is only available for customers within the USA. 

Can I refer multiple friends or family members to Mint Mobile?

Yes, you can refer multiple people to Mint Mobile, as it allows four referrals per year. 

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