6 Free Apps To Watch NBA Live In USA Latest 2023

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If you’re a basketball fan, you must know about the NBA, North America’s most famous basketball league. 

And with your favorite match approaching near, your might be looking for the best live-streaming app in 2023.

In this article, we have mentioned the six free apps to watch NBA live for free or at reasonable prices, with their pros and cons, which will help you to select the best for you. 

Top 6 Free Apps To Watch NBA Live In the USA

You can enjoy your favorite NBA matches on your smartphone and other devices in the comfort of your home. Here is the list of the six best apps to watch NBA matches, so let’s get straight to the topic;


Who wants to miss the chance to stream many different sports in a single app? ESPN does not offer a specific sports channel, so those fans of other leagues and sports can consider this app the best option. Check out the FuboTv review as well.

Watching NBA on ESPN is also an excellent choice; you can stay in touch with the latest news and scores from the industry through the ESPN app. It records the types of sports and other content you’re streaming and shows the same related content on the home page. 

This feature helps to remind your favorite news and match, there is a list of games available on the app, and NBA is also included in the list. So you can watch all NBA matches, and news from the USA live for free. 

You can also subscribe to their offers, including ESPN+, ESPN2, ESPN 3, etc. The subscriptions allow users to stream content not ordinarily available on the home page. 

Monthly subscription$9.99
Free trialNo free trial
BenefitsHuge variety of content
Cheap subscriptions
DrawbacksThe official schedule is not accurate

NBA Live Streaming App

As the name represents, the NBA app broadcasts full matches of NBA and related content. However, it doesn’t stream any other sports or entertainment channels, which is why this app is unpopular. 

This app is available for Android and ios devices and is lightweight so that you can install it in just a few seconds. It does not require any personal information or account generation. You can directly jump onto the home page. 

The homepage has several options like matches, live matches, disclaimers,s, etc., so you can scroll down to find your favorite live game or search for it in the search bar at the top. The matches are available with HD quality on the app. 

To conclude, NBA is suitable for watching live NBA matches in the USA. 

Monthly subscription$6.99 
Free trial7 days
BenefitsFull HD quality
Sound comes with high-quality
DrawbacksSometimes the waiting time can be a little long

Yahoo TV

Yahoo TV  is one of the top free apps to watch NBA matches live. It is one of the most popular streaming apps for sports. You can download the app from Google Play Store and Apple store for free. 

After downloading, you must enable all the necessary permissions; then, you’ll reach the home page. The home page has several options at the bottom, including scores, schedules, news, and popular ones. 

There are several sections; the first shows content related to the most popular teams so that you can select your favorite one. The second column shows stats, scores, and the latest news about the performance of your favorite team. 

Monthly subscriptionFree 
Free trial
BenefitsFree content
Advanced betting features
DrawbacksIrritating adds

Watch TNT

Many basketball fans think Watch TNT would not broadcast the NBA and other sports. Still, if you take a closer view, you’ll get that the app publishes a considerable amount of content related to sports, entertainment, and other shows, including the NBA. 

The availability of live and recorded matches is the most demanded feature nowadays, which is available in this app. You’ll find the professional NBA channel on this app; however, you can choose another sports channel, but it’s the most preferred one. 

This app offers a decent library of movies and other popular shows, so people interested in NBA matches only and do not want to be distracted should not choose this app. 

Monthly subscription$7.99
Free trialOne month
BenefitsAccess to many famous TV shows
Reasonable price of the subscription
DrawbacksLimited choice in the sports channel

Sling TV

Next, we have a popular option among the free apps to watch NBA live. Most basketball fans from the USA also prefer Sling TV. The app is available for all devices, including Smart TVs, mobile phones, and PCs. You can download the app easily from the Apple store. 

It offers different subscriptions, both postpaid and prepaid. It broadcasts many various live shows simultaneously and has more than 100 channels. For better features, you can buy their subscription, which is available at reasonable rates. 

Monthly subscription$40
Free trialNo free trial
BenefitsProvide free services
Variety of packages
DrawbacksMost channels are unavailable


Hulu TV offers huge content without paying a single penny. However, the app is mainly designed for broadcasting movies and dramas. But it is still one of the best free apps to watch NBA live. 

Sports-related content in the live TV section offers live matches, news, and more about sports. People from the USA are also suggested to use this app; there are no ads on this app which enables you to enjoy your favorite show. 

Monthly subscription$40
Free trialNo free trial
BenefitsProvide free services
Variety of packages
DrawbacksMost channels are unavailable

Final Thoughts

We have mentioned the top six free apps to watch the NBA live in the USA. Each has benefits and disadvantages, as nothing in the world is perfect. You can select any app according to your family and budget. 

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