FuboTV Review: Latest In-Depth Guide About Everything You Need To Know!

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Sports fans seek the best streaming device to watch all their favorite matches live. FuboTV is among the most popular streaming apps due to its user-friendly features and packages. 

However, not all FuboTV’s customers are satisfied with it because every person has their own choice, depending on their budget and family. Therefore, knowing about an app before buying its subscription is essential. 

This detailed FuboTV review to help you know whether this app is best for you and answer other questions that pop up in your mind. Read the entire post to discover your answers. 

FuboTV Review: At a Glance

Before digging deep into the details, here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know to know about FuboTV.

  • You can enjoy many sports, entertainment, and lifestyle channels. 
  • A helpful guide is available for those new to the app.
  • Affordable plans with high DVR storage, including pro, Elite, Premium, and Latino. 
  • It provides a decent library with on-demand content. 

What Is FuboTV?

FuboTV offers vast content related to sports, entertainment, lifestyle, and news and is a reliable service. It was launched on 1st Jan 2015 by David Gandler (CEO) as a soccer streaming app. 

It is an American streaming device serving customers in the USA, Spain, and Canada. The app has 1.231 million subscribers only in North America. In 2017, FuboTV shifted to all sports streaming devices. 

 The following year, it started broadcasting entertainment, news, and other channels and is known as the “sports first “ company. So if you’re looking for a streaming device with many channels, FuboTV is a good choice.

FuboTV Review: Pros and Cons

In this in-depth FuboTV review, we have compiled a list of all the strengths and weaknesses of this platform.

You can stream all Spanish, French, and American content.HBO is unavailable
 DVR storage of 1000 channels FuboTV does not provide Turner Network Channels.
A pretty good website with a seven-day free trial. 
Many channels, including BBC world news, HGTV, sports, and entertainment-related content for everyone in the family. 

 How Does FuboTV Work?

When you first open the app, it will show a home tab with particular recommendations, such as live TV channels, on-demand content, etc. The best feature of FuboTV, which I like, is the presence of multiple tabs on the top. 

This feature enables us to find our favorite content easily. As it is mainly a sports streaming app, a specific sports tab includes all the sports events, matches, and latest news. You can use the “ search bar” at the top if you are looking for a specific channel.  

FuboTV Review: Plans and Pricing

Fubo TV is an excellent platform for streaming live events and shows. The most focused content of this app is sports. However, it also broadcasts entertainment, comedy, and kids channels, so it is best to fit for those who want a variety of media for their family. 

Here is the list of Fubo TV plans with their prices; you can select any package according to your budget, as it is mainly designed for sports fans, so its basic package also includes all the sports channels. 

Plan Price per monthLive channelsSimultaneous screens DVR storageFree trial
Pro $74.99140+101000 hoursyes
Elite $84.99205+101000 hoursyes
Premier $94.99215+101000 hoursyes
Latino $32.994510250 hours yes

As a football fan; I suggest others buy the Elite package. It offers NBA, and who wants to miss the exciting NBA matches for just $10 extra? 

FuboTV Review: Channels

Next in this FuboTV review, we’ll explore what channels are offered by the app. So, each package of Fubo TV has different channels. Thus you can select the package that includes all your interest channels. 

  • The Pro plan offers 20 sports channels and some favorite channels, such as Disney, HGTV, etc. 
  • The Elite plan has 205 channels, including news, kids, sports, and lifestyle. 
  • The Ultimate plan of Fubo TV has more channels than Elite’s plan. 

FuboTV Review: Pro Package

Here are the channels available in Fubo TV’s pro package:

 BBC AmericaDisney ChannelESPN, ESPN2Food Network
FOX NewsFreeformFOX Sports (FS1)Hallmark Channel
HGTVLifetimeMSNBCNational Geographic
NFL NetworkNickelodeonParamount NetworkTelemundo

FuboTV Reveiew: Elite Package

You can enjoy the following channels after buying FuboTV’s Elite package is $84.99

NBA TVNicktoonsScience ChannelPAC-12 Networks
Sony Movie ChannelTeenNickTennis ChannelBBC World News
The Cooking ChannelESPNUFXMGame Show Network
MLB NetworkNat Geo Wild

 FuboTV Review: Premier Package

Bloomberg TV+EuronewsSHOWTIMESHOWTIME Family
Cheddar Newsi24NEWSSHOWTIME ExtremeSHOWTIME Showcase

Note:  FuboTV is mainly a sports channel, so we have mentioned only the sports-related channel’s name. You can check all the channels of Fubo TV available for each package from its official website.

FuboTV Add-on Plans

Following is the list of Fubo TV add-ons with their price and available channels;

Add-on Price per month Channels 
News plus $2.9911 channels including Bloomberg TV+ and Cheddar News
NBA league pass$14.99NA
Sports Plus With NFL Red Zone$10.9924 channels including NFL Red Zone and PAC-12 channels 
Fubo Extra$7.9942 channels including Sony Movie Channel, TeenNick, Game Show Network and Cooking Channel
Portuguese Plus $14.99GolTV Spanish, RTP Internacional, RTP Açores, RTP 3, and Benfica TV
RAI Italia$8.99RAI Italia
Latino Plus $19.9926 channels including FOX Deportes and 3 
Adventure Plus$4.997 channels including outdoor and sportsman channels 

FuboTV Specs and Features 

fuboTV review

For this FuboTV review, we used the app for over a year but still await a complaint. It offers many channels with many exciting features, making it more convenient to use. Here is a list of some of the fascinating features:

  1. On-Demand Content: FuboTV offers on-demand content worldwide for you and your family whenever you want. 
  2. Maximum Channels: FuboTV has more channels than any other streaming device, which includes entertainment, lifestyle, news, kids, and many others. 
  3. Covers All Sports Channels: FuboTV has all the sports channels, which gives access to all the national and international sports live. 
  4. Best DVR: I consider FuboTV’s DVR the best one because its Latino plan has a DVR storage of 250 hours, and other plans have 1000 hours. 
  5. High Picture Quality: FuboTV broadcasts live shows and sports with HD quality, and most performances are capped at 720p. 
  6. Reliable Performance: FuboTV app provides the best performance, including efficient customer service and a good web interface. 

FuboTV Review: Compatible devices

FuboTV gives access to 10 simultaneous screens at a time. You can enjoy live streaming at home with family or while traveling with friends. FuboTV prefers at least 20 Mbps of the internet for clear streaming. 

You can stream your favorite channels on any of the updated devices given below;

  • Android smartphone
  • Android tablet
  • Android smart TV 
  • Samsung smart TV
  • Windows
  • Apple TV
  • iPhone, iPad
  • Xbox
  • Mac
  • Amazon fire TV
  • Roku 
  • Chromecast

Is FuboTV worth it?

This in-depth FuboTV review helps you decide the worth of this platform. If you want to enjoy more than 140 channels, on-demand content, live sports, shows, entertainment, news, and lifestyle, FuboTV is worth it. You can buy its pro plan if you want to enjoy sports and other channels. 

However, if you want more sports and entertainment channels and can’t miss NBA, FuboTV’s Elite package is worth it. 

Bottom Line

We have been using the FuboTV app for over a year, and we are delighted with this app. These reviews and all the information regarding Fubo TV in this article are authentic and based on our personal experiences. 

Hopefully, you have found the answers to all your questions in this post, and now you can easily decide whether FuboTV suits you.


How much does Fubo TV cost?

Fubo TV is considered the most helpful streaming app. Many people think that Fubo TV is more expensive than other apps. However, this statement is wrong. The apps which you consider affordable have a channel range of only 85. 

How many simultaneous screens are available on Fubo TV?

You can enjoy ten screens on Fubo TV simultaneously, but that’s not all you need to know. If your family members are using Fubo TV at home, and you want to enjoy the app at the airport, you can’t do that. This means that you have to use all ten screens while at home. 

Does Fubo TV have a free trial?

Fubo TV offers a seven-day free trial, after which you must buy the subscription. Each subscription has its price, depending on the number of channels and DVR storage.

What is the fuboTV’s Latino plan?

Fubo TV has a unique plan that serves people with Spanish-speaking options. It costs $33 monthly with 47 live channels and 250 hours of DVR storage. 

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